Welcome to Shine Pilates! 
We believe Pilates is for everyone and we can’t wait to help you shine and unlock your brilliance with Pilates. 

We’ve all been to classes where we were surrounded by strangers, the instructor never made eye-contact, surely didn’t know our name, and we did the same workout as the last class. Sound familiar? 

That’s where Shine Pilates Studio is different – or Shinier if you will!  We get to know our students by name, by body, and by likes and dislikes. We tailor our classes and sessions to the bodies in front of us. For that reason, no two classes are ever quite the same. We take requests. We address body issues and personal goals.

We accommodate all levels so you never feel like you are in over your head or getting a mediocre workout because of newer students in your class. 


You’ll make Pilates friends, and you’ll look forward to seeing them in class. You’ll hold each other accountable and you’ll laugh and inspire each other! If you don’t like people – this may not be the place for you!  You’ll see your body transform, your mood improve, and your emotional well-being rise. Chances are good you’ll even sleep better! We like to think you’ll Shine even brighter through your day with a regular Pilates schedule. 

To help you reach your goals, we encourage a regular, consistent practice of Pilates. At Shine Pilates, we’ll sit down with you and figure out what is the best plan for you, your goals, and your lifestyle. 

We offer a variety of membership options to meet just about everyone’s needs. We are happy to help you decide which one is best for you.

At Shine Pilates Studio we are committed to continued learning and growth. Our instructors regularly attend workshops and conferences, and bring all that goodness back to the studio and our Shine Pilates family. 



What is Pilates and is it right for you? You have questions and we have answers! It can be hard to describe all the magic of the Pilates but we've taken a stab below. Still have questions? Head over to our contact page and send us a message - we'd love to chat with you!


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Pilates is an amazing and intelligent method of movement created by Joseph Pilates. What makes Pilates so special and unique is the ability to tap in to and recruit our smaller stabilizing muscles as well as the large global muscles all the while using your core, mind, and breathe. Pilates helps to create balance, strength, and length in the body. The benefits go far beyond physical body tone and condition. Pilates has been shown to significantly improve balance and posture as well as emotional well-being, concentration, and even sleep habits.  


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Who is Pilates foR?

Pilates is safe and effective for the young and old regardless of current fitness level.  Men and women both benefit from the mind-body practice of Pilates. Many with back pain have found relief and avoided surgery with Pilates. This practice can be used to rehab an injury, avoid surgery, improve chronic conditions, as well as safely workout during pregnancy and postpartum.  At Shine Pilates, we are happy to take guidance from your Doctor, Physical Therapist, Massage Therapist, or Chiropractor when designing your sessions. 


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What are the Benefits of Pilates?

Pilates is a mind-body exercise that is challenging yet gentle. This workout is ideal for all ages and skill levels, from the professional athlete to the post rehabilitation client, or new mom. The reformer assists or resists the client depending on his/her physical condition and can be performed well into the senior years. Pilates meets the students where they are and adapts and responds as their fitness improves. Pilates increases strength, flexibility, balance, and posture while toning the body without "bulking". Over time clients will develop a solid core, long/lean muscles, sculpted arms, and a strong back allowing the body to move in a more efficient pattern of movement. 
Pilates will change your body and your life!



Every introduction starts with a conversation. We want to know you, your goals, what’s held you back, what excites you, and what challenges you. The better we know you the better we can create a plan to get you to your goals and maybe even exceed them, too! At Shine Pilates we believe everyone is unique and special and shiny in their own way … so we address the person. Our classes are personalized, our approach is personal and our results are personally rewarding! 

Let’s start that conversation!  We want to know you and answer all your questions!

Shine Pilates Studio recommends that all new Pilates students complete three initial sessions. This initial series is designed for you to get to know our instructors, our equipment, our vocabulary, and the principles that make Pilates amazing. Just as important, it’s designed for our instructors to get to know you, your body, your goals, and modifications or challenges that would be ideal for you. We’ll also do an assessment of your body (don’t worry there’s no scale at Shine Pilates!) and help define your goals. 

So what if you’ve done Pilates before? Not all studios or equipment are the same and not all instructors teach exactly the same … and we need to know you to be able to provide you with the best possible experience. If you are an experienced student - excellent! We would still love for you to do a single private lesson so we can get to know each other - sort of like a first date that we hope turns into a long relationship! We want to make sure we know how to challenge you and keep you progressing. If you feel strongly that group classes are for you - we'll take your word for it and look forward to having you join one of our groups. Not sure what to do? Call the studio to discuss if you like.



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Lucie fell in love with Pilates 10 years ago and knew she needed to learn more and share Pilates with others. She wasn't new to the fitness world though, as she was already a Spinning and group fitness instructor since 2000 and a former college athlete having competed in track and cross country at Centre College. In 2009 she received her Pilates Certification and began teaching in Cincinnati, Ohio before moving to Nashville, TN.  Lucie owned and taught at a successful studio in Nashville, 12South Pilates for over six years. She currently holds certifications from the Pilates Method Alliance, Pendleton Pilates, TRX, Mad Dogg Spinning, and ACE Personal Training.  In 2017, Lucie was awarded the Leo Medallion for Leadership in Pilates by McEntire Pilates. Lucie has presented at the McEntire Pilates Summit in 2018 and 2019.

Her Pilates philosophy – Pilates is for everybody and it’s the teacher’s responsibility to find the right movements for each student’s unique body and needs. She takes a very personalized approach and believes everyone can Shine in Pilates.
Lucie has pursued training in Prenatal and Postpartum Pilates, as well as Pilates for chronic conditions and rehab, and Pilates for low back pain and pelvic stability. 

Lucie is glad to be back in Kentucky and to share her love of Pilates with new students in Lexington. 




Baby has been attending Pilates classes since he was just 5 weeks old! He likes to visit the studio from time to time and you may see him on his favorite Pilates apparatus the Spine Corrector. His favorite exercise is ‘stretching’.
If you have a severe cat allergy, please feel free to let Lucie know when you are coming and she’ll make sure Baby is not observing your class. 


Jill Johnson : Instructor

Jill specializes in Safe Spine Pilates and is a PMA Certified Pilates Instructor. She brings over 15 years experience teaching Pilates and a background in nursing to the studio and her classes. Jill also works with the UK Volleyball team teaching them Pilates. We are lucky to have her and know you'll enjoy her sessions!

Isabel Andreasen : Instructor

I’m Isabel! I am from Louisville, and here in Lexington pursuing my Doctorate of Physical Therapy at UK! I just recently moved from Washington, D.C. where I was a full-time Pilates Instructor for the past two years. A little back story on my journey to Pilates… A few years ago I had a significant hip injury that prevented me from running my marathon and instead discovered Pilates. It’s true, there is something positive in all situations. I quickly fell in love with Pilates and got my certification to start teaching. I left my desk job and transitioned into teaching Pilates full time. Both Pilates and physical therapy helped and were huge factors in my successful rehab post hip surgery and therefore I am a huge advocate of both and this has led me to where I am now :). I hope I can help you find your love for Pilates, happiness, and overall wellness. I look forward to meeting all of you!