Stepping out of your Comfort Zone

If you want to really step out of your comfort zone - move to a new city! The same can be said for trying something new like Pilates. It's intimidating walking into a new studio, facing new and strange equipment, and meeting a new instructor. I've been there, too!

Over the last few weeks as I have had many first and many 'stepping out of my comfort zone' moments. I have been reminded why it's important to take chances. I've been reminded why it's good to stretch our comfort zones. Rarely, when we step outside of what we know is it a complete disaster! In fact, I can't think of one instance for me where I have ended up regretting the risk and the trial. Quite the opposite, I've met new people, discovered new places, and had fun by stepping outside of my comfort zone!

Often when I travel to another city for work or vacation, I schedule to take a Pilates class at a studio in that city. Even though I am a teacher and I have been practicing Pilates for several years, I still have those jitters and nerves about stepping into a new unknown studio. I think that is such a normal feeling. I also believe it's completely ok to feel a bit apprehensive. Just don't let that feeling prevent you from trying new things! 

I believe we are commonly faced with feelings of 'what if I can't keep up' or 'what if I am the worst one', or 'will I be able to do this' or 'will I fit in.'  These are normal feelings. As an instructor, I am here to tell you when you walk into my studio for the first time - there is no judgement. There is no expectation that you will be at a certain level or fitness ability. The class is designed to accommodate your pace, your needs, and your skill level. I hope that eases some of your concerns! And it's ok to be a bit nervous ... that's one of the reasons I love starting students with Initial Privates. It's your space, your class, your opportunity to ask the potentially embarrassing questions. There is no concern about keeping up or looking like the person next to you!

I'm going to keep stepping out of my comfort zone as I explore Lexington and make it my home and I hope you will, too, by trying something new ... like Pilates at Shine Pilates!


Lucie Becus