Be the Person Others See

We are our own worst critics. We think and internally say things to ourselves we would never say to a friend. We are just plain hard on ourselves! Not convinced ... listen in to your internal speak. How do you feel about your body? How are you managing life and all your commitments? How dedicated are you to working out? Are you getting a healthy and exciting meal on the table for your family every night? My guess is your answers to these questions are rather negative! (I hope not ... but I hear what you say out loud so I have a clue or two as to what you may be thinking on the inside.)

A few months ago I had a young woman tell me that she really admired what I was doing and hoped to be like me someday. What an awesome compliment! The funny thing is I looked at her with that same awe. She's a professional runner and doing amazing things in the track world. My internal speech went something like, "Well anyone could do what I am doing and there are people who do it better."  Yuck. It's not even true ... not everyone could or would do what I do and they certainly wouldn't do it like I do it. It's time to take a little credit!

Last week I had a gentleman tell me how impressed he was that I had started my own business. Once again my internal speak sounded something like, "Well it's a small business and there are bigger businesses out there."  Yuck. He's right - I did this and I should be proud. Not everyone would have the courage to start a new business in a new city none the less!

It is time to stop the internal put-downs and start seeing ourselves like others see us. It's time to take credit and celebrate our successes. It's not a competition. My success is not based on being better than you. We can both have success in our own right. What I aspire to and what you aspire to may be very different. I love having a small business and you may seek advancement at someone else's company or to open a bunch of franchises. All good options! 

Take a moment to really listen next time someone gives you a compliment and accept it as is. Don't try to negate it - embrace it. Be that person and celebrate you!