Blank Canvas

Before I opened Shine Pilates earlier this year, I had the walls painted a fresh new color. I had a vision for what I wanted the studio to be and wanted to start with a blank canvas. Rather than trying to work with what was there, I began anew with a new color, new lights, and a few other changes, too!  It has been exciting working in a 'new' space and designing a new studio. There are some elements of my old studio that I brought with me but much i new!

When new students come to me at Shine Pilates, they are very much a blank canvas as well. What can their bodies do? What issues may we need to address? What goals can we achieve together? One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is showing people what they are capable of and watching them achieve more than they realized they could! I love the surprise that comes with mastering a movement. Sometimes it comes as a realization that they need Pilates because their balance is lacking or their strength is very asymmetrical. Recently, as I demonstrated a movement to a student she said, "Well, I'm not going to be able to that."  I knew better :)  I knew the work we had been doing made her ready and her body ready. She did it - first try! She surprised herself that day!

Pilates is smart by design! Done properly, Pilates does not beat you up and leave you feeling depleted and drained. Sure you'll feel it and may feel it the next day, too, but Pilates is not intended to break down the body in the name of making you stronger. The beauty is after only a few sessions, students start to feel and see the difference. Their bodies like a blank canvas are changing and responding. Isn't its so rewarding to notice those first few changes - pants not quite so snug, definition in the arms or a compliment from someone who's noticed a change!

Next time you try something new or decided to try Pilates - why not think about yourself as a blank canvas full of opportunity. Replace doubt and negative self-talk with an openness to what could be!