Holiday Challenge

It’s almost December, which is just crazy! And overnight it’s become cold outside and I’m starting to hear and see talk about Christmas more and more each day – also crazy!! I like to take my holidays one at a time.  First we’ll focus on Thanksgiving and then we have about a month for Christmas.  Works for me!  I seem to be in the minority these days, as I’ve overheard several folks talking about finishing up their Christmas shopping already – what?!? 

So what does any of this have to do with Pilates? Really quite a lot. Tis the season when we get pulled in lots of directions, stay out later drinking cocktails, shop, visit, and eat with abandon.  What if this year we switched things up a bit?  You can still do all of the above including early Christmas shopping if you must … but what if you made a commitment to yourself for the next month.  That might sound crazy with all that is going on… but let’s face it – there never really is a good time – and if you can keep your commitment when you are your busiest when things slow down it will be a breeze! I’ve said it before and I’ll probably say it again several times – it’s about choices – and in this case you are choosing yourself. A very good choice. You really aren’t very useful to others when you are sickly, unhappy, worn out or stressed out.
So here is your challenge – For the next 5 weeks what are you going to do that’s good for you??

Here are some suggestions:

  • Walk three times a week for 30 plus minutes

  • Commit to and follow through on a weekly Pilates schedule

  • 10 push ups and the series of five Pilates Ab exercises every morning (this will take less than 7 minutes)

  • 1 daily plank

Find a buddy and hold each other accountable or do your challenge together.  Write it down and post it where you’ll see it… or leave a comment here and I’ll bug you about it from time to time   Whatever you decide on – be specific – don’t leave yourself wiggle room to cut corners.  Know that it’s going to be a challenge – you will be busy – but you won’t regret making it work.
And for those of you looking to make regular Pilates your challenge – we will look forward to having you in the studio and supporting your goals! You got this!