My Pilates Story

I find with Pilates our reasons for starting are often more than getting in shape. When I enrolled in my Pilates training, I was with a group of about 10 women from different walks of life. On our first day, we went around the room and said why we were there. I think we were all a little nervous. Pilates training is expensive and a big time commitment (months!) Having been an athlete in college and a spinning instructor for almost a decade at that point - I assumed everyone was there simply to teach fitness. Boy was I wrong!

Several of us were in careers that were not satisfying and were looking for another answer. One woman had recently lost her husband and needed something for 'her'. Another gal had dealt with issues with scoliosis and Pilates provided relief for her. Another gal was as stay at home mom looking for her own identity. And the tales go on. 

On the surface, I was there to add another fitness skill to my teaching but that's not the whole reason I was there. I was also there because in a short period of time I had seen changes in my body, changes I had given up on, and I had a desire to understand and know more. 

Let's back up a bit! In my mid-twenties I had a major abdominal surgery to remove an ulcer in my colon. This left me with a foot and a half less colon and an 8-inch incision scar down my abdomen. The good news - my ulcer issues seemed to be gone post surgery but my core was weak. I was told to wait a month and then I could resume my normal activities of running and spinning and at the time weight-lifting. I had no physical therapy and I felt pulled too tight on my front side for quite some time after surgery. Once I had the okay - I began doing crunches galore to get my core back. The only real result that came from that is a small hernia which I still have1

Fast forward 11 months, and I had to have emergency surgery because of scar tissue that had wrapped around my intestines and cinched off a section. That surgery left me with 4 feet less of intestines and now a 9-inch incision scar. Once again, post surgery the only instructions I was given was to wait a month before resuming normal activity. So one month later - back to crunches! 

I was embarrassed by my scar, and also not happy with how my abs looked. They weren't toned and I felt very stiff and immobile through my midsection. 

About 10 years after my second surgery, I took my first mat Pilates class. After just two classes, I realized I had been doing all the wrong things to rehab my core and Pilates was the answer I had been seeking all these years. Pilates was very hard for me. I had to work at it but quickly I noticed changes - changes I had believed were not possible for me. As my body changed, I felt a freedom of movement and a confidence I had lacked for years. I even noticed my running improved, too!

Pilates was magic. Pilates gave me back so much that I had a desire to share this with others. I believed not enough people knew about Pilates and they needed to! And that is where my journey to become a Pilates teacher begin!

There is something so special and rewarding about being able to help a student feel good again or feel confident. When I hear from a student that their back doesn't hurt in the morning - I get excited for them. And while yes - Pilates is for healthy bodies and can keep you in shape - it's also so much more. Even for those with no current issues, Pilates is working to keep you healthy and issue free! No matter why you come to Pilates - I'm so happy to have you and work with you!