What to Expect in Your Initial Series of Three Reformer Classes

Explaining Pilates is one of the most challenging aspects of my business! Pilates is so much and not simple in the least. I believe to understand Pilates, you really need to experience it. And that's were our Initial Series comes in! 

What I have learned in my years of teaching and being a student is it does not matter what shape you are in, Pilates is going to wake up some new muscles and make some new connections. It's that mind -body connection that is not so easy to put into words but is pretty powerful to feel and experience. 

I just love showing new students Pilates for the first time. I believe there are stages of that first Pilates experience.

Stage 1 - Doubt: this seems pretty simple and may be a waste of time! I could do way more than 6-10 repetitions! Pilates is tricky like that. What is moving and what you see is not always what is working and what is happening! There is a level of trust needed - trust your instructor knows what she is doing and trust your body is going to figure it out!

Stage 2 Struggle: this is getting hard and I never realized how much my leg weighs! 10 seems like a lot! Again Pilates is tricky like that - simple movements add up fast and become challenging as we find and recruit those stabilizing muscles that may have been asleep for some time!

Stage 3 Connection: Hey I just felt something I don't think I've felt before. I just realized how my body can move. There are those lightbulb moments in that first class - those moments of connection. I love those! 

Stage 4: Desire: I want more, I want to feel this again and I can see how this is going to be beneficial. It does not take a lot to reset a tired, stuck body and get it feeling a bit better. Just a little focus on form, posture and a freeing of the fascia and you are bound to leave feeling taller and better! 

That is the wonder and beauty of those initial series of reformer classes. It's body awakening, eye-opening and all about what you need. It's your place to figure out what your focus can and should be. It's your place to ask all the questions and share your hopes, struggles, wants, and dislikes. 

The initial series is also NOT a place of judgement, comparison, criticism, or critique. It's a place to learn in a compassionate and supportive environment. All of us have our own body idiosyncrasies and quirks. This is a place to learn about, embrace, and evolve those! I can't wait to see you in an initial series and explore these stages and body connections together!