My Pilates Unfiltered Podcast Interview is LIVE

I can hardly contain my excitement as I share with you that my interview with Jenna Zaffino, Pilates Unicorn and the originator of the one and only Pilates podcast, Pilates Unfiltered is now LIVE!  

It was such a thrill and honor for me to be interviewed by Jenna and to have the chance to share my store and my outlook on Pilates, too.  Each week when I listen to this podcast, I am inspired, impressed, and in awe. To be along side some of the greats who have been interviewed before me is just ... wow. That's a small town Pilates gal's dream coming true!

If you are curious here is the original blog we reference in the podcast:

AND  I hope you will take a moment and listen to the podcast - it's number #45 in the series. Here are several ways in which you can access it: 

1. Listen to episodes directly from the Pilates Unfiltered website:

2. Subscribe to the podcast and listen from any podcast application. Look for episode 45.  Here are direct links to the main three podcast applications:





Please feel free to share and comment below! I love hearing from and connecting with my Pilates community and family. And a Big Thank you to Jenna and Pilates Unfiltered for sharing my story.  I hope this continues to help others in emotionally abusive situations find their strength and see their way out! 

ps. I also was fortunate to be able to attend the Carrie Pagés workshop this past weekend Jenna talks about and second everything she says - Do Pilates ... with Carrie!