Why I Watch the Bachelor

I admit it - I watch the Bachelor. The reason why might surprise you, though. I'm not going to try to convince you it's a good show, or it's about finding love. Nope. Truth be told I think most who watch aren't really expecting real 'love' to happen. So why watch a show about finding love when you don't really think that odds are very good?  It's about connecting with friends. That is why I watch.

Let's step back to the beginning for a moment. When the first season of the Bachelor aired. I did not watch. I remember seeing commercials and thinking the show looked really far-fetched. One of my best friends and college roommates, however, was watching it. Each week she would call me (the bachelor dates back before texting was such a thing and people actually talked on the phone!) and tell me little bits and pieces from the show. Everything she shared further convinced me this was a dumb show not worthy of my time. Who falls in love on TV while dating 25 women?? Ridiculous. 

Then season two came around. I'm not even sure I can remember who that Bachelor was but I do remember my friend insisting that I needed to watch along with her. She explained she needed someone to talk about the show with and her husband wasn't having it! As a good friend, I said I'd try. The rest is pretty much history!

Truth be told what this show has done for our friendship has been 'magical'. It's given us a reason and a schedule to connect each week. What starts as a, 'Can you believe what Crystal said?' conversation then leads to 'How are you doing'. Of course we can connect without the Bachelor, but life tends to get in the way. A week goes by and then a few more days. Having a specific reason and schedule to connect has been really good for both of us. It is something I plan on and look forward to - my weekly bachelor appointment if you will. 

And it hasn't stopped there. I've picked up more 'Bachelor' friends. Now I know every Monday or sometimes it spills over to Tuesday, I'm going to hear from and reach out to my girls. We are going to laugh, poke fun, and also talk about the real stuff in our lives.

Studies like the Blue Zones by Dan Buettner, (who I've had the pleasure of meeting and working with briefly) show the importance of social connection and social clubs. This sense of belonging and organized socialization leads to longevity in life, less depression, a support system, better sleep, and so much more that can't be tangibly measured. That is why I watch the Bachelor. It's my social club if you will. And the worse the show is ... the more we have to talk about! 

I'm not telling you, you need to watch the Bachelor but find something you can share with friends. Find a reason to connect on a regular basis. Don't leave it up to I'll call or text when I get around to it. Maybe your thing is Kentucky basketball or following a celebrity chef. The options are endless and the rewards are worth it!