I Rode My Bike!

Sunday I rode my bike to the studio! Really that should not be a big deal. It’s not far - less than a mile and half from my home. But it is a big deal, and I’ll tell you why!

When I moved to Lexington and opened my studio a little over a year and half ago, I made sure my home was close to the studio. I wanted to be able to come and go easily. I often work for a period of time in the morning through lunch and then have a break before resuming later in the day. I wanted to be able to walk or bike to the studio. I like being active, and I like casual bike rides. I had great intentions.

As is often the case with our great intentions, we don’t actually act on them. Yes, I’ve walked to the studio a handful of times, but I never actually got my bike out and rode it … until Sunday. And I loved!!! So much so - that I rode my bike again on Monday - twice! I was kicking myself for not doing this sooner. It was so fun and refreshing and probably took about the same amount of time as driving without the stress or hassle. Why had I waited a year and half to have this joy in my life? Why had I made excuses and not acted earlier? I can come up with a bunch of excuses but there really isn’t a good reason.

The lesson here for me is why are we putting off the things we want and intend to do that could bring us joy? I often hear from new students, “I’ve been wanting to try Pilates for a long time!” What is holding us back from taking that leap?

Worst case scenario for me with riding my bike is I’d get sweaty and hot and didn’t enjoy it at all. In that case, I just wouldn’t do it again. And the same goes with Pilates or anything new you may try. Maybe it’s not great. and you don’t do it again. But MAYBE it is and you’ll be glad you started and gave it a try. I think that maybe is worth the shot!

I really wish I’d started riding my bike months ago - but I can make up for lost time! And next time I have an intention, I’ll be more inclined to act on it. What intention have you been holding on to? Maybe this is your week!