Physical Therapy and Pilates!

It’s becoming more and more common to see a Pilates Reformer in a Physical Therapy office. I think that is wonderful! After all, Joseph Pilates began rehabilitating injured soldiers during the war and then later working with injured ballerinas, Pilates is rooted in finding symmetry in the body and creating balance where there is imbalance.. Pilates is based on finding symmetry in the body and creating balance where there is imbalance.

I often have students say to me, “Oh this is similar to what my PT told me to do!”. And sometimes I even have students mention using the reformer in their PT sessions. Hooray! The more we can work together as Pilates teachers and Physical Therapists - the better off our clients will be!

Last week I had the opportunity to present and share Pilates and the many uses of the Reformer to the Physical Therapists at Kort Physical Therapy right down the street in Chevy Chase. What a great group of welcoming people! As I shared with them how I approach different clients and situations they took it all in and asked great questions. This is the kind of stuff that Pilates Teachers geek out over ;-)

It was fun to expand their knowledge of how to use the reformer and what orientation or spring changes can do to a movement. It was also great for me to hear the types of situations and clients they see. These types of collaboration, I believe can be so beneficial to our clients.

As one of my mentors Trent McEntire says, “Pilates fills the movement gap.” But what does that mean? It means you can be released from PT - deemed healthy but maybe not ready to jump back into bootcamp or start training for an ironman the next day. What comes between those hardcore pursuits? Pilates!! And even better if Pilates begins in PT. That’s not to say Pilates is just the filler … but it is a safe in-between that most find is a long term benefit as well.

I always say Pilates prepares you to do all the other things you do in life. So whether you discover Pilates in PT or injury free - it can be one of the best things you do for your body!