Pilates is Enough

I've seen them and I'm sure you have, too ... ads for some 'new' fitness class or phenomenon that is 'amped up' or ups the ante or is Plates on steroids, etc. The ads and posts can be persuasive. They can make you question 'Do I need more? Is Pilates enough?'

I'm here to tell you Pilates is Enough!! There's a misconception that you need to be really sore the next day to have had a successful workout. Guess what ... when you are that sore you've actually broken down muscle tissue and done damage to your body. A little soreness or break down can lead to rebuilding and strength but continued 'abuse' of your muscles is what leads to injury not strength. You can be kind to your body and build all the strength you want and need. So why suffer and be sore all the time?? I also often observe when we do things that make us really sore we often are working beyond our optimal level which leads to poor form, poor results, and joint stress. 

There is also a misconception that you need to sweat a lot to get a good workout. Not necessarily true. Some of us naturally sweat more than others. This does not mean sweater people get better workouts. You can work hard and not be sweaty and you can work not so hard and be sweaty ... so maybe we should stop measuring success by sweat level?

Pilates has shown proven results and success time and time again. Physical Therapists, Orthopedic Surgeons, and Chiropractors often endorse and recommend Pilates to their patients. If the experts approve of Pilates as a safe, effective workout and rehab option then so do i!  And I say this as someone who has tried and taught other fitness modalities. I think it's important to know what you are speaking about. Several years ago when I did a brief stint at a bootcamp while building my business, what I saw was repeated injuries. What I also saw was an owner that believed that was just par for the course. Your workout should not injury you. Don't accept that as part of the process - it does not need to be. 

So next time you see an ad for super-sized, mega weight, amped up Pilates or Mat class or whatever it may be called just remember Regular Size Pilates is a Perfect Workout as Is!