Plans For 2019

Whether you make resolutions or not … the beginning of a new year is a good time to think about where you are and where you’d like to be! And for me the beginning of 2019 marks my one year anniversary of moving to Lexington! It’s a decision I’ve never regretted and I am pleased to be more of a local now than a ‘new in town’ person!

The past year was full of change for me - new home, new city, new studio, new friends, and so on. Now that I am feeling more settled my goals this year are different. I can relax a bit more and breath a bit easier! So what does 2019 look like for me??

For starters I’ve committed to myself to get back to running more races. This is something I enjoy and yet it has been a challenge in the past with working on the weekends. Now with the help of Isabel - I have some weekends free and can get back to racing! The great news, too, is I know the work I do in the studio is prepping me to do well on the road. Maybe there’s a PR in my future??

Every year I commit to continuing my Pilates education. I truly believe we need to keep learning and growing. I’m excited to be participating at the McEntire Pilates Summit again this Summer and I’m looking to attend the PMA as well. You know you are in the right field when you look forward to your continuing education!

I’d also like to be able to bring more opportunities to you through our studio whether that is workshops, lectures, challenges or various programs. We can all learn and grow together! If you have an interest area - let me know!

Next on my list is vacation!! Last year with moving and building the studio - vacation was a lower priority. I took a good one before I moved to hold me over and was able to take a wonderful trip over the holidays. I do think it is important to take some time away, have fun and leave your commitments behind for a bit. I don’t know where I’ll go but this year I am looking to plan a trip or two.

While living in Nashville, I had the opportunity to be very involved in my community, as the president of my neighborhood association and then as one of the founding members of a non-profit aimed at fostering community and giving back. This past year I have held off in Lexington, needing to prioritize my business but I am ready to see how I can give back in Lexington. All of us have gifts and abilities and by sharing them we not only enrich the lives of those around us but also our own lives.

While there are a few others things on my list of to-dos - those are the biggies and the items I think will enrich my life this year!