Resolutions vs. Results!

Well It’s a new year and 2019 has a lot in store for us! Maybe you made some resolutions? There’s a big difference between making resolutions and getting results! If you want results you need more than resolutions!

For starters, many make lofty resolutions that set themselves up for failure. I WILL WORKOUT EVERY DAY! Sounds great until you get stuck at work or sick or go on vacation. A more realistic and achievable result would be to commit to working out 5x a week or 20 times a month … or whatever number you choose.

Next up - folks often set negative intentions. I WILL NOT EAT ANY MORE SUGAR or NO MORE ALCOHOL. Again this one is recipe for failure because it is already starting out negative. A better way to approach making healthy changes in your diet is to set a goal of improving your nutrition by limiting sugar and reducing alcohol by cooking more, making desserts without sugar and choosing sparkling water over alcohol. All or nothing usually ends up being nothing. Creating an alternative gives you options and a plan.

Planning is really the difference between results and resolutions. A resolution with out a plan is simply a wish with no way to get there. If you goals are fitness related - sign up for our 30 Day Reset and you’ll have a plan set up for you! If you goals are nutrition related figure out the changes you want to make and start planning and prepping your meals to fit your goals.

No where is it written or law that resolutions must start on January 1st. You have not failed if you pick a start day that works better for you! If you are like me and have a January Birthday … if might make more sense to to cut back on sugar after you have that birthday cake!

For the past month, I’ve been thinking about things I’d like do do, things I’d like to accomplish and things I’d like to improve at. I would not necessarily call these resolutions but more of a to do list. Some I’ve already started. I love being able to check things off my list. One of my desires was to get back to running some local races. I ran a few this year and decided I should keep at it. So about a two weeks ago I signed up for two more races in the new year. Another item on my list is to get my kitchen better organized. Today at TJ Maxx I happened to see some shelf lazy-susan organizers and picked those up. It did not take me long to put them in place and arrange my items … but this was something I’d been meaning to do for a while. Putting it on the list made it happen. I also have a goal that started early this fall relating to my personal Pilates practice. Committing to a specific Pilates goal holds me accountable and makes me less likely to shorten my workouts or skip on busy days.

If you are making resolutions, I encourage you to make them positive, have a plan and have tangible ways to measure your success. After all it’s about improving and you get to be your own judge and jury!