A Month of Self Care!

Self Care seems to be all the buzz! I’m glad we are making the effort to take care of ourselves. But I also feel it’s something we should be doing anyway! Regardless - I am glad to see more women and men making an effort to prioritize their health and well-being.

I had a busy mom say to me the other day, “ I spend so much time making sure everyone in my family is taken care of and over looking my own needs. I realize I am a better mom and wife when I take care of me, too!” Hurray for her realizing you can’t give water from an empty well!

So what exactly is self-care? At times I think we believe it needs to be expensive or time consuming. Neither of those are necessarily true. Self care can be different things to different people. It’s whatever makes you feel better, rested, content, etc.

Here are some of my simple self-care activities

  • Taking an epson salt bath

  • Walking around the block - even 10 minutes can be a mood lifter and de-stresser

  • Getting my Pilates sessions in

  • Using a face mask at home

  • Whitening my teeth at home

  • Dipping my hands in paraffin

  • Reading

  • Going to a Park

  • Calling a friend

  • Going for a run

  • Trying a new recipe

Your self-care items may be different than mine! Think about when you feel your happiest, most content and relaxed? What does that look like? Can you do more of that?

For the month of May, I am committing to daily self-care. Each day I am going to make an effort to do one thing for me. Time will tell what I do … but I sure think i’m worth it and so are you! Join me for a month of self care!

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