Starting Again!

Some of you know I left behind a successful studio in Nashville to move to Lexington and open a new studio. Starting again is exciting and full of opportunity. It has given me a chance to bring the best of 12South Pilates to my new studio Shine Pilates. It's also a chance to try some new things and look to grow the business. BUT starting again is also not always easy. As much as I am enjoying the new, there are moments of missing what I had. I miss having a full, busy studio, and many wonderful relationships. I also know that will come and is coming along here. 

Starting again is not easy by any stretch of the imagination. We do it because we believe it will be worth it. We do it because staying stagnate or not moving forward is not appealing. We do it because we can see where we want to be. 

My journey starting again with the studio is not much different than starting again with a fitness program or health and wellness goal. We start because we can see and imagine what we want for ourselves. We can imagine how good it will be to be feeling good in our body. We know the path to get there but that doesn't mean it's an easy path. We can have moments of excitement and encouragement with small accomplishments along the way or just the thought of how good it's feel can fuel us. 

We can also have moments of discouragement - how did we get to this point to need to start again? Why didn't we stay the course the first time around? Can we really get where we want? All those fears, regrets and negative thoughts creep in. 

So how do we start again and not let the negatives talk us out of what we know want to do? We feed the positive and starve the negative! Remind yourself why you made this decision - a desire to have more energy, to be healthy for your family, to be free of pain, to accomplish a goal like a race, to like trying on clothes again - whatever your reasons are. When the negatives come in - maybe you can't do this, it is going to take too long, you don't have the willpower or maybe it's too much time - STOP those thoughts. They are useless and unproductive. Go back to the WHY's. Print them out if you need to and put them up where you can see them and be reminded. 

Stay the course. Starting again is not for the faint of heart but it is for those who choose to be in charge and living the life they want. Take the step. Make the commitment. Start again with me!