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What Can Pilates Do for YOU??

There are plenty of ways to workout or burn a few calories so what makes Pilates special? What can Pilates really do for you that another fitness class can't?

For starters - Pilates is so much more than a 'fitness class'.  Will you get fit - yes but that is just the beginning of the changes you'll see with Pilates. Joseph Pilates said "In 10 sessions you feel different. In 20 sessions you see the difference and in 30 sessions you'll have a whole new body." That's a pretty bold claim and yet I see it happen again and again in my studio.

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Students Make the Best Teachers

Between Christmas and New Years, I had the opportunity to do online training, continuing education, and to catch up on reading articles/watching videos about Pilates I had been saving for some time. I spent time learning more about influential people in the Pilates industry like Mari Winsor and Rael Isacowitz. It was interesting to learn how they found Pilates, where they trained, and how they grew their business. It was also interesting to hear their perspectives on Pilates, teaching philosophies, and the method as a whole.

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Maybe You Can!

i am sharing this blog from a few years ago because the other day in the studio I head that word again “Can’t”. And what followed was surprise and “I did it!” Read on for my “Can’t” story!

Yesterday I was working out in the studio and following along to a Pilates video from Pilates Anytime taught by Mari Winsor.

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Fitness Seasons

This morning I went for a long run. It was cool, crisp, and picturesque with the Fall colors beginning to show. I felt strong, energized, and capable. I was reminded why I love running! Not every run is like that … and it was only a few weeks ago I was dragging along in the heat and humidity.

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Why I Love Being a Student

I am a PMA Certified Pilates Instructor. I own a studio. I teach classes for a living. I have the luxury of having a fully equipped studio to play in when I am not working. I really enjoy hopping on a reformer, a chair or the tower and moving. I love choosing the movements I feel my body needs that day. I like challenging myself, exploring choreography, and spring choice. Some days I just want to stretch and lengthen and soothe my body after a hard run. I often turn the music off and just listen to what I feel in my body. Could anything be more perfect or rewarding than that?

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I Can't

One of my Pilates mentors wisely told me some years ago, never give a student an exercise you aren't sure if they are ready to do. She went on to explain that with each movement, we can break it down into smaller movements or building blocks. If we begin with the building blocks mastering these, then when we approach a bigger movement we know we are ready for success! I've tried to adopt this philosophy with my teaching. 

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Teaching the Teacher!

This past weekend I had the opportunity to travel to Chicago and attend a Pilates workshop with Carrie Pages at Tensile Strength Studio. I've met Carrie before and we follow each other on Instagram. She's truly a delightful person to be around and has been teaching Pilates for almost two decades.

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