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Pilates is Plenty!

When I opened my first Pilates Studio in Nashville, I began small and limited my risks. I wasn’t sure if this little dream of mine would work! At the time, Pilates was not very popular in Nashville. When I first moved to Nashville in 2009, I tried a few places - no longer there - and found both to be lack luster, not very effective and to be frank disappointing. Fortunately, that is no longer the case … but starting a new studio when the perception of Pilates is ‘meh’ was an uphill battle to climb.

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Pilates is Enough

I've seen them and I'm sure you have, too ... ads for some 'new' fitness class or phenomenon that is 'amped up' or ‘ups the ante’ or is Plates on Steroids, etc. The ads and posts can be persuasive. They can make you question 'Do I need more? Is Pilates enough?'

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