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What Can Pilates Do for You?

There are plenty of ways to workout or burn a few calories so what makes Pilates special? What can Pilates really do for you that another fitness class can’t?

For starters – Pilates is so much more than a ‘fitness class’.  Will you get fit – yes but that is just the beginning of the changes you’ll see with Pilates.

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Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday were just a week or so past. Wow! That’s a lot of shopping and messaging about needing more! I fell prey to it, too, and certainly did a little shopping. I’m traveling a good distance over the holidays to visit family so I knew I needed to plan ahead and get my shopping done earlier this year. Mission accomplished.

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Holiday Challenge

It’s almost December, which is just crazy!  And overnight it’s become cold outside and I’m starting to hear and see talk about Christmas more and more each day – also crazy!!  I like to take my holidays one at a time.  First we’ll focus on Thanksgiving and then we have about a month for Christmas.  Works for me!  I seem to be in the minority these days, as I’ve overheard several folks talking about finishing up their Christmas shopping already – what?!? 

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Timelines and Commitments

I am a believer in being organized and completing projects on time. I am a goal-oriented person so give me a goal and I am going to work hard to achieve it. But this does not make me immune from dreading a timeline and fretting commitments from time to time. So how do we take our commitments and timelines and look at them in a motivating way instead of one of dread?

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Pilates is Enough

I've seen them and I'm sure you have, too ... ads for some 'new' fitness class or phenomenon that is 'amped up' or ‘ups the ante’ or is Plates on Steroids, etc. The ads and posts can be persuasive. They can make you question 'Do I need more? Is Pilates enough?'

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How Many Calories?

A couple questions usually come up with new PIlates students or those considering Pilates: 

  1. How many calories will I burn in a Pilates session?  

  2. I need to build my strength, is Pilates enough for that?

These are excellent questions and worth exploring!

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Blank Canvas

Before I opened Shine Pilates earlier this year, I had the walls painted a fresh new color. I had a vision for what I wanted the studio to be and wanted to start with a blank canvas. Rather than trying to work with what was there, I began anew with a new color, new lights, and a few other changes, too! 

New students are very much like that blank canvas - full of opportunity 

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Feeling 22

Yesterday while I was driving to the studio to teach, I heard Taylor Swift's song - Feeling 22. It's from a few years ago. The lyrics go something like "I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 22" and proceed to talk about how carefree and fun life is at 22. For about a second, I thought - Oh to be 22 again. That thought only last about a second! When I think about who I was and where I was when I was 22 versus today - no way would I trade places!

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March Madness Survival Guide!

I love March Madness! I look forward to it all year.  I enter brackets, I wear my team's shirt and hat, and I watch a bunch of games. All of this is good but it can lead to a very sedentary month and some bad eating if you aren't careful. So today I am going to provide you with a March Madness Survival Guide!

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