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Same Old Same Old?

There is an age old fitness question that I thought I’d touch on today!

Should you do the same workout religiously, constantly perfecting and growing in strength or is it better to challenge the body with different exercises?

My answer may sound a bit like a politician – it’s good to do both. The beauty of Pilates is we can cover both bases in a Pilates class. Let me explain!

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Students Make the Best Teachers

Between Christmas and New Years, I had the opportunity to do online training, continuing education, and to catch up on reading articles/watching videos about Pilates I had been saving for some time. I spent time learning more about influential people in the Pilates industry like Mari Winsor and Rael Isacowitz. It was interesting to learn how they found Pilates, where they trained, and how they grew their business. It was also interesting to hear their perspectives on Pilates, teaching philosophies, and the method as a whole.

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Stay the Course

It’s hard to believe it is already December and the holidays will be here soon! I love the holidays but it can also be a time were we drift from our regular workout routine. Whether you have kids or not, this is a busy time of year. Some go into winter hibernation and then there are lots of events and parties galore for others! Please enjoy it but don’t give up your fitness and wellness routine.

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Pilates is Expensive!

I am sure every Pilates Instructor has heard this at one point or another from a potential student. At times it's the student's spouse or parent or friend who is making this observation for them. Agreed - Pilates is not cheap and it shouldn't be! If you simply want to burn calories there are cheaper ways to do that. But PIlates is different - so let's dive in and see why!

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My Pilates Story

I find with Pilates our reasons for starting are often more than getting in shape. When I enrolled in my Pilates training, I was with a group of about 10 women from different walks of life. On our first day, we went around the room and said why we were there. I think we were all a little nervous. Pilates training is expensive and a big time commitment (months!) Having been an athlete in college and a spinning instructor for almost a decade at that point - I assumed everyone was there simply to teach fitness. Boy was I wrong!

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How Many Calories?

A couple questions usually come up with new PIlates students or those considering Pilates: 

  1. How many calories will I burn in a Pilates session?  

  2. I need to build my strength, is Pilates enough for that?

These are excellent questions and worth exploring!

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Television Arms!

Last fall, I created a created a serious of videos called 'Television Arms'.  That may not sound like a good thing but actually, it is! This is my simple, do while watching TV, arm series that will take you no more than about 10 minutes. In the videos, I don't do as many repetitions as you can do ... Instagram limits videos to 1 minute.  

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