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Same Old Same Old?

There is an age old fitness question that I thought I’d touch on today!

Should you do the same workout religiously, constantly perfecting and growing in strength or is it better to challenge the body with different exercises?

My answer may sound a bit like a politician – it’s good to do both. The beauty of Pilates is we can cover both bases in a Pilates class. Let me explain!

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Vacation To Do List

Everyone deserves and needs a vacation and Summer time is a great time to get away. Vacations allow us to unplug, disconnect, and refresh. Checking out of your daily routine from time to time also allows us to check back in with more vigor and enthusiasm. Simply put vacations are good for our emotional and mental health.

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Pilates is Plenty!

When I opened my first Pilates Studio in Nashville, I began small and limited my risks. I wasn’t sure if this little dream of mine would work! At the time, Pilates was not very popular in Nashville. When I first moved to Nashville in 2009, I tried a few places - no longer there - and found both to be lack luster, not very effective and to be frank disappointing. Fortunately, that is no longer the case … but starting a new studio when the perception of Pilates is ‘meh’ was an uphill battle to climb.

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Top Ten Reasons To Try Pilates!

There are infinite reasons to try Pilates but today we are just going to focus on the top ten!

1.  Breathing – Most of us do it everyday!  Did you know however the diaphragm can be made stronger with Pilates? Stronger breath control means you’ll get winded less often and do a better job of suppling oxygen to your working muscles during a strenuous activity.

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Happy Birthday SHINE Pilates!

Can you believe it’s been a year??? I’ve been feeling a little nostalgic as I think back to the beginning of Shine Pilates - even before the doors opened. And of course I am feeling incredibly grateful to all of you for helping to make my dream come true, for supporting and loving Shine Pilates, and welcoming me to Lexington!

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Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday were just a week or so past. Wow! That’s a lot of shopping and messaging about needing more! I fell prey to it, too, and certainly did a little shopping. I’m traveling a good distance over the holidays to visit family so I knew I needed to plan ahead and get my shopping done earlier this year. Mission accomplished.

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Holiday Challenge

It’s almost December, which is just crazy!  And overnight it’s become cold outside and I’m starting to hear and see talk about Christmas more and more each day – also crazy!!  I like to take my holidays one at a time.  First we’ll focus on Thanksgiving and then we have about a month for Christmas.  Works for me!  I seem to be in the minority these days, as I’ve overheard several folks talking about finishing up their Christmas shopping already – what?!? 

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What's Your Training?

This is a topic that comes up from time to time in the studio and runs rampant online. The question may be “Who trained you?” or “Where did you get your credentials?” These are fair questions … but the answer doesn’t really tell you everything you need to know as a potential student or fellow teacher. Many of us, myself included, received one form of Pilates training … possibly what was most convenient, affordable or available for us. But, many of us, myself included, have continued to pursue additional training, working with different instructors or schools of thought and practice. If you simply ask where did you study or who was your original teacher, you would miss learning about all the additional scope and expertise gained post initial training.

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Why I Love Being a Student

I am a PMA Certified Pilates Instructor. I own a studio. I teach classes for a living. I have the luxury of having a fully equipped studio to play in when I am not working. I really enjoy hopping on a reformer, a chair or the tower and moving. I love choosing the movements I feel my body needs that day. I like challenging myself, exploring choreography, and spring choice. Some days I just want to stretch and lengthen and soothe my body after a hard run. I often turn the music off and just listen to what I feel in my body. Could anything be more perfect or rewarding than that?

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A Runner's First Pilates Class!

I was a runner long before I found Pilates. I wish I knew about Pilates when I was competing in track and cross country for my college or later running marathons. I know Pilates would have been a great asset to my running and recovery. It is now, so I can only imagine how much better, I would have felt back when I was really pounding the pavement and racking up the miles.

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