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Functional Movement

In the world of health and fitness, buzzwords often emerge. Some years ago all the talk was about heart rate monitors and aerobic vs anaerobic workouts. Next up all things ‘bootcamp’ became the rage. Then ‘barre’ became the next new workout, followed by Tabata and interval training … and of course, we can’t overlook Crossfit.

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Becoming a Teacher

When I was a child I knew I wanted to be a teacher when I grew up. I enjoyed school and loved helping my teachers out. Yeap - I was that kid! My dad was a professor at the University of Cincinnati and I would often ask him if I could help grade his papers. I didn't understand why he never took me up on that.  He was a graduate professor of aerospace engineering before retiring ... I get it now! 

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Be the Person Others See

We are our own worst critics. We think and internally say things to ourselves we would never say to a friend. We are just plain hard on ourselves! Not convinced ... listen in to your internal speak. How do you feel about your body? How are you managing life and all your commitments? How dedicated are you to working out? Are you getting a healthy and exciting meal on the table for your family every night? My guess is your answers to these questions are rather negative! (I hope not ... but I hear what you say out loud so I have a clue or two as to what you may be thinking on the inside.)

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I Can't

One of my Pilates mentors wisely told me some years ago, never give a student an exercise you aren't sure if they are ready to do. She went on to explain that with each movement, we can break it down into smaller movements or building blocks. If we begin with the building blocks mastering these, then when we approach a bigger movement we know we are ready for success! I've tried to adopt this philosophy with my teaching. 

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Blank Canvas

Before I opened Shine Pilates earlier this year, I had the walls painted a fresh new color. I had a vision for what I wanted the studio to be and wanted to start with a blank canvas. Rather than trying to work with what was there, I began anew with a new color, new lights, and a few other changes, too! 

New students are very much like that blank canvas - full of opportunity 

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