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What Can Pilates Do for You?

There are plenty of ways to workout or burn a few calories so what makes Pilates special? What can Pilates really do for you that another fitness class can’t?

For starters – Pilates is so much more than a ‘fitness class’.  Will you get fit – yes but that is just the beginning of the changes you’ll see with Pilates.

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Same Old Same Old?

There is an age old fitness question that I thought I’d touch on today!

Should you do the same workout religiously, constantly perfecting and growing in strength or is it better to challenge the body with different exercises?

My answer may sound a bit like a politician – it’s good to do both. The beauty of Pilates is we can cover both bases in a Pilates class. Let me explain!

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Footwork on the Bar

Whether you call it double leg work, footwork on the reformer or any other name, it’s an important part of Pilates. Often performed at the beginning of class, but it should not be mistaken as ‘just the warmup’ phase. Footwork on the bar can show us and teach us many important lessons if we tune in and let it.

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Finding Motivation

I enjoy working out. I love Pilates. I love running. But some days I just don't feel like it! Not every day do I bounce out of bed and feel like moving. Most days I do but occasionally I'm tired, burned out, stressed or just plain lacking motivation. Here are my go to motivators for those days:

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Extra Credit vs. Workouts

I am a big believer in the little things adding up! Finding time to do a plank in the morning or walking for 1o minutes here and there all count. Extra is always a good thing in these cases.

Sometimes, however, I think folks let their extra credit replace their workout! It’s easy to do. You have a busy day. You rationalize you did some planks in the morning. You’ll do better tomorrow… or will you? Soon enough you are having more days of just a few minutes of exercise and fewer days of quality workouts!  Sound familiar??

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Timelines and Commitments

I am a believer in being organized and completing projects on time. I am a goal-oriented person so give me a goal and I am going to work hard to achieve it. But this does not make me immune from dreading a timeline and fretting commitments from time to time. So how do we take our commitments and timelines and look at them in a motivating way instead of one of dread?

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Blank Canvas

Before I opened Shine Pilates earlier this year, I had the walls painted a fresh new color. I had a vision for what I wanted the studio to be and wanted to start with a blank canvas. Rather than trying to work with what was there, I began anew with a new color, new lights, and a few other changes, too! 

New students are very much like that blank canvas - full of opportunity 

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1 Red 1 Blue

The day after moving I headed to my new studio to start unpacking and getting it set up. I was excited to put the place in order. And after a couple days of moving and unpacking, my body was excited to hop on the reformer. My back was achy and stiff from the car ride, heavy lifting, and awkward movements. I told myself I'd spend a couple hours unpacking and then I'd spend an hour on the reformer as my treat! 

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