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Footwork on the Bar

Whether you call it double leg work, footwork on the reformer or any other name, it’s an important part of Pilates. Often performed at the beginning of class, but it should not be mistaken as ‘just the warmup’ phase. Footwork on the bar can show us and teach us many important lessons if we tune in and let it.

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I'm a Badass?

I was hanging out with a friend the other day and the conversation of the studio, my goals, and such came up. My friend said to me “You are a Badass!” I was a little taken aback because that’s not how I’ve ever described myself! I was also very grateful for the compliment and at the same time not sure I was worthy of it.

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Extra Credit vs. Workouts

I am a big believer in the little things adding up! Finding time to do a plank in the morning or walking for 1o minutes here and there all count. Extra is always a good thing in these cases.

Sometimes, however, I think folks let their extra credit replace their workout! It’s easy to do. You have a busy day. You rationalize you did some planks in the morning. You’ll do better tomorrow… or will you? Soon enough you are having more days of just a few minutes of exercise and fewer days of quality workouts!  Sound familiar??

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Stay the Course

It’s hard to believe it is already December and the holidays will be here soon! I love the holidays but it can also be a time were we drift from our regular workout routine. Whether you have kids or not, this is a busy time of year. Some go into winter hibernation and then there are lots of events and parties galore for others! Please enjoy it but don’t give up your fitness and wellness routine.

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So Strong So Weak!

I run. I do Pilates most days. I choose the stairs and the far parking spot. I ride my bike to the grocery store when I only need a few items. If it’s raining I sprint across the parking lot. I’m generally active. As a result I feel pretty good about myself and I feel strong.

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Television Arms!

Last fall, I created a created a serious of videos called 'Television Arms'.  That may not sound like a good thing but actually, it is! This is my simple, do while watching TV, arm series that will take you no more than about 10 minutes. In the videos, I don't do as many repetitions as you can do ... Instagram limits videos to 1 minute.  

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