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Pilates Does a Body Good - In More Ways Than You May Realize!

We know Pilates helps us to build strength. We probably also know by now Pilates works to lengthen our muscles. The work we do either on the mat or equipment works on extending, lengthening, and dynamically stretching out muscles and fascia as we build strength and control of our small and large muscles. That alone is a pretty good reason to do Pilates! Still not sold? Let me share with you several other reasons to do Pilates that you may not have realized.

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I know I am not alone here. I have a big project I am working on for the studio (details on that revealed later!). I’m excited about it but I’m also a bit nervous and uncertain just how to do it. it’s a challenge for sure and one i’ve wanted but it will require me to grow, stretch and push myself. So what have I been doing when I should be working on this .. just about everything else!

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A Runner's First Pilates Class!

I was a runner long before I found Pilates. I wish I knew about Pilates when I was competing in track and cross country for my college or later running marathons. I know Pilates would have been a great asset to my running and recovery. It is now, so I can only imagine how much better, I would have felt back when I was really pounding the pavement and racking up the miles.

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I Rode My Bike!

Sunday I rode my bike to the studio! Really that should not be a big deal. It’s not far - less than a mile and half from my home. But it is a big deal and I’ll tell you why!

When I moved to Lexington and opened my studio a little over a year and half ago, I made sure my home was close to the studio. I wanted to be able to come and go easily. I often work for a period of time in the morning through lunch and have a break before resuming later in the day. I wanted to be able to walk or bike to the studio. I like being active and I like casual bike rides. I had great intentions.

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What Can Pilates Do for You?

There are plenty of ways to workout or burn a few calories so what makes Pilates special? What can Pilates really do for you that another fitness class can’t?

For starters – Pilates is so much more than a ‘fitness class’.  Will you get fit – yes but that is just the beginning of the changes you’ll see with Pilates.

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McEntire Pilates Summit Recap!

This weekend I spent a few days in quaint and welcoming Rochester, MIchigan for the McEntire Pilates Summit! Once again - my experience did not disappoint. The theme this year was Bold Hearted. We explored big and small ways we could live our lives and approach our Pilates careers in a more Bold Hearted way.

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Same Old Same Old?

There is an age old fitness question that I thought I’d touch on today!

Should you do the same workout religiously, constantly perfecting and growing in strength or is it better to challenge the body with different exercises?

My answer may sound a bit like a politician – it’s good to do both. The beauty of Pilates is we can cover both bases in a Pilates class. Let me explain!

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It's a Process

True confessions I’m a Pilates Teacher, and I still can’t do a perfect roll up. I’ve been working on it for years, and I’ve made progress but I’m not where I want to be yet. It’s frustrating at times. I should be able to do this effortlessly at this point shouldn’t I? I have students nail it in three tries!

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Physical Therapy and Pilates!

It’s becoming more and more common to see a Pilates Reformer in a Physical Therapy office. I think that is wonderful! After all Joseph Pilates began rehabilitating injured soldiers during the war and then later working with injured ballerinas. Pilates is rooted in finding symmetry in the body and creating balance where there is imbalance.

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