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So Strong So Weak!

I run. I do Pilates most days. I choose the stairs and the far parking spot. I ride my bike to the grocery store when I only need a few items. If it’s raining I sprint across the parking lot. I’m generally active. As a result I feel pretty good about myself and I feel strong.

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Pilates is Enough

I've seen them and I'm sure you have, too ... ads for some 'new' fitness class or phenomenon that is 'amped up' or ‘ups the ante’ or is Plates on Steroids, etc. The ads and posts can be persuasive. They can make you question 'Do I need more? Is Pilates enough?'

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How Many Calories?

A couple questions usually come up with new PIlates students or those considering Pilates: 

  1. How many calories will I burn in a Pilates session?  

  2. I need to build my strength, is Pilates enough for that?

These are excellent questions and worth exploring!

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