Too much, Too little!

I recently had some of my college girlfriends visit for the weekend. We had a wonderful time catching up, eating out, throwing axes, eating out, going to a cookout, walking the arboretum and … eating out! Are you seeing a theme for the weekend?? Let’s face it social time is often wrapped around eating. One of my girlfriends said after I ate a piece of Kentucky Chocolate, “If Lucie eats it then it must be okay!” While I am flattered she feels that way about my choices, I thought it might be time for some real talk!

Yes my career is dedicated to health and wellness and helping you achieve your best self. Yes I try to be a good example. Yes I try to eat healthy. Yes I also work out. BUT … I don’t always succeed! Sometimes I too am guilty of too much food indulgence and too little exercise. Honestly, I believe all of us have ebbs and flows in our well-being journey. Busy end of school? Less time for self-care and healthy home-made meals. Winter sickness hits the family - not likely to workout that week.

This weekend was definitely a too much indulgence and too little movement weekend. Do I regret that? Nope. The quality time with friends I don’t see often was worth it. Here’s the trick … Monday i began my reset. I committed to eating clean all week (possibly longer but shorter goals work better for me!). I got out and ran a little farther than I had been and also fit in my reformer workout. What I didn’t do was continue to ride that flow of too much and too little.

Yes the scale was alarming Monday morning! But I didn’t let that define my worth and realized some of that was water weight and inflammation. I took it as a sign I need to really clean up my diet and get my body happy on the inside again.

I think these ebbs and flows are part of life and indulgences are necessary and worthwhile from time to time. It’s how you move forward after the indulgences. I used to be married to man who was extremely rigid about his diet and fitness goals. As a result this meant vacations had to work around his eating schedule and needs and his workout desires. Weddings, parties and social gatherings became an issue if the menu was not to his liking … and it never was! This rigidity in the name of ‘health’ robbed us of many pleasant experiences, controlled what we could and couldn’t do, and I’d venture to say is not going to drastically change his health for the better.

My advice to you is yes - eat healthy and move often. Yes make good choices and eat clean and schedule your Pilates sessions and cardio sessions. But also choose when it is worth it to indulge and loosen up a bit in the name of great memories and experiences. If you are getting it right 90% of the time that other 10% is not going to ruin your goals and progress and it just may make you more dedicated after your flow of fun! It’s all about balance after all!