What is Pilates and is it right for you? You have questions and we have answers! It can be hard to describe all the magic of the Pilates but we've taken a stab below. Still have questions? Head over to our contact page and send us a message - we'd love to chat with you!


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Pilates is an amazing and intelligent method of movement created by Joseph Pilates. What makes Pilates so special and unique is the ability to tap in to and recruit our smaller stabilizing muscles as well as the large global muscles all the while using your core, mind, and breathe. Pilates helps to create balance, strength, and length in the body. The benefits go far beyond physical body tone and condition. Pilates has been shown to significantly improve balance and posture as well as emotional well-being, concentration, and even sleep habits.  


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Who is Pilates foR?

Pilates is safe and effective for the young and old regardless of current fitness level.  Men and women both benefit from the mind-body practice of Pilates. Many with back pain have found relief and avoided surgery with Pilates. This practice can be used to rehab an injury, avoided surgery, improved chronic conditions, as well as safely workout during pregnancy and postpartum.  At Shine Pilates, we are happy to take guidance from your Doctor, Physical Therapist, Massage Therapist or Chiropractor when designing your sessions. 


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What are the Benefits of Pilates?

Pilates is a mind-body exercise that is challenging yet gentle. This workout is ideal for all ages and skill levels, from the professional athlete to the post rehabilitation client or new mom. The reformer assists or resists the client depending on his/her physical condition and can be performed well into the senior years. Pilates meets the students where they are and adapts and responds as their fitness improves. Pilates increases strength, flexibility, balance, and posture while toning the body without "bulking". Over time clients will develop a solid core, long/lean muscles, sculpted arms and a strong back allowing the body to move in a more efficient pattern of movement. 
Pilates will change your body and your life!