Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What should I wear?

A. Dress comfortably in an outfit that allows you to move and bend without restriction. Keep in mind you may be laying on your back, standing, or laying on your side so dress in a manner you will feel comfortable in these positions. Clothing similar to what you might wear to a yoga class works well.

Q. How long is my Pilates session?

A. Sessions last about an hour. We ask that you are prompt so we can begin on time. We also allow you a few minutes to clean your equipment at the end of class so we can begin our next session on time as well. We foster a friendly studio environment and encourage conversation but please be considerate of classes in progress. 

Q. Is there a place I can put my handbag, shoes, etc.

A. Yes! We have hooks for handbags and coats and cubbies for all your other belongings. Our studio is intimate and your items are never left unattended.

Q. Can my baby attend class?

A. At Shine Pilates, we love babies! If you are attending a private session feel free to bring your baby. If you are in a group session, you may bring your baby as well but we do ask that she/he be of an age that is not mobile yet out of safety for your child and also have a disposition that can tolerate class.

Q. My friend is visiting from out of town and wants to come to class with me …

A. We love friends, too! Call us and we’ll figure out what works best to accommodate you and your friend.

Q. I can’t make the class I signed up for …

A. It is easy to cancel classes using our Wellness Living scheduler. We do ask that you reschedule 24 hours in advance. For cancellations less than 24 hours, unfortunately we do have to charge for the class as this may have prevented another student from getting their Shine on.

Q. I’m sick should I still come to class?

A. Fevers, contagious illness, and such are no good in the studio and you really won’t benefit from trying to workout while sick. Let’s keep the spread of germs to a minimum. Please cancel online or call us and we can assist you. Feel better soon!