Free Parking

We offer free parking in the lot behind our building at 606 Euclid Avenue. From the lot you can easily access the side door and stairwell up to our Pilates studio on the second floor. We also offer parking in the overflow gravel lot catty-corner behind our parking lot should you need another option. Both lots are well light as your safety is our priority.


Cancellation Policy 

We require 24 hours notice when canceling classes, privates, duets or trios. This allows adequate time for another eager student to take your place and your instructor to prepare for the scheduled students. Make sure to sign up early and secure your spot. Classes with only one student scheduled will unfortunately be subject to cancellation. You will be notified of other class options in the event we need to cancel your session.

Inclement Weather Policy

In the event of inclement weather and unsafe travel conditions we will close the studio. Please check Facebook and Instagram for updates concerning weather. You will also receive a notice of class cancellation for classes you are scheduled for if we feel the need to close because of the weather. Your account will not be charged for the cancelled class.