I've enjoyed doing Pilates with Lucie for years, even through two pregnancies! It has always been great for my mind, body and soul...and now the added bonus is an hour to myself away from the kids! 

/  Kristin W. /


I love Pilates because it is a full body workout. I love Pilates because I can see the difference it makes in my core muscles. I typically have the occasional back spasm but none since Pilates. I love Pilates because Lucie makes it fun.

/  Marvin E.  /


My boyfriend calls it 'getting Pilatized' when I have a class with Lucie. I always know those tiny little muscles I never feel when rowing or running are going to keep me going longer, and are making me stronger. It's also my secret weapon against injury.

/  Melissa D.  /


I love Pilates because I get improvements in my core strength and flexibility without having to sweat and breathe hard. It’s a very pleasant way to get some good wellness benefits and Lucie is a great instructor.

/  Janet j.  /


Pilates is the only exercise I actually crave doing! :) 

/  Molly S.  /


It is an hour just for me, unplugged. Puts me back in touch with my body and my mind. It is always challenging in some way, so I never get bored. Helps me manage my stress-- the breathing, the movements and the company and the laughter. Regardless of what's going on, I always feel physically and mentally better after I leave. 

/  Laura b.  /


I love Pilates because of the shaking of my muscles means they are reshaping.

/  Lori M.  /


As a lifelong runner, I love pilates because it provides the perfect combination of strength training and stretching that enhances my running. It's lengthened me, made me more flexible, and makes me stand taller. Also, it has transformed my core after having two babies. I'm stronger now than ever.

/  Hayley G.  /